What your guests will say!
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"Dear Jacie,
You did such an excellent job marrying us! Our ceremony script was amazing, it made all our guests laugh and it was so fun and touching. Our guests spoke very highly of the ceremony and you. We would recommend you to anyone who wants a ceremony that is lighthearted and tailor made. You were so professional and responsive and we couldn't have asked for a better celebrant than you"

Cynthia & Andrew 2017
"Dear Jacie,
We chose you above other celebrants because you were friendly and welcoming. We trusted you to cater to our needs and we loved how personalised and fun you made our ceremony and vows. Our family and friends spoke highly of our ceremony saying it was unlike any other! We think you are super creative and thank you for providing a service that encapsulated us as a couple."

April & Jae April 2017
"We chose everything about our wedding to reflect our wish to include those who have been closest to us over the years of our lives. We wanted it small and intimate, a close sharing of who we each have been and who we are now and who we hope to be.

Jacie understood that and asked the participants to record special moments and memories that she wove into the ceremony so that each of those present was able to 'speak' to us about what they most cherished about being part of our lives.

That was her part as gatherer of reminiscences and milestones as they'd woven themselves into the way our lives had intertwined over the years, and she did it beautifully, because Marcus and I are, after all, have come together as the sum of all these things. These are the things that have made us who we are, and in giving us these memories, all those present received in return the knowledge that somehow we were all part of a shared life, ours and theirs. Jacie, with a wonderful sense of humour and a keen eye for telling detail, gave us all a wonderful story we will always remember as the thing that underpinned the spirit of our wedding.

We loved hearing and seeing our family and friends laugh at all the different ways in which our relationship became a reality and have them go on the journey that brought us to the very spot that we were being married. It is a memory and an experience that is forever etched in our memories and we are so lucky to have had Jacie as the beautiful, eloquent, wonderful soul who was able to bind not only our lives but the lives of our nearest and dearest together.

We are forever grateful. Perfect!"

Marcus & Chiara April 2017
"Dear Jacie,
Everything you did was above our expectations, you and your services are fantastic and worth every cent! Our family and friends said they could listen to you deliver our ceremony again and longer. You really go out of your way to get to know a couple and personalise their ceremony. You are friendly, helpful, creative and what you see is really what you get!"

Mr. & Mrs. Henderson 13.3.2017
"Dear Jacie,
We saw you at our cousins wedding and loved what you did for them so when it came to choosing our celebrant, we were already confident in your ability to make our ceremony perfect. You are outstanding, you made the ceremony fun for everyone- that's where the greatest value was for us.
A lot of guests commented on how personal you made the service, it was if you had been friends with us for years. We loved that you did everything we asked of you and we appreciated your unique and very entertaining style which made our ceremony the best that any of our guests have ever seen! "

Mr. & Mrs. Frew 11.3. 2017
"Dear Jacie,
We choose you over other celebrants because of your originality, personality, enthusiasm, attention to detail and awesomeness. We loved that we were involved in writing our ceremony which resulted in an unforgettable, genuine experience that we appreciated and our guests hailed as the best wedding ceremony they'd ever attended. The ceremony you wrote for us was personal, intimate and funny and it reflected us beyond the surface. Thank you,"

Nathan & Zoe 18.2.2017
"Dear Jacie, We honestly thought no one listened or paid attention at weddings however everyone loved your ceremony and could quote parts of it -particularly those involving food! You are kind and wonderful to work with and you truly made us feel special on our big day!
All our stress was taken away- even the concerns we had around writing our vows and you wrote them better than we ever could!

If you want a personal, special, one of a kind ceremony call Jacie-she will leave you feeling excited, relaxed and like you have caught up with an old friend."

Mr. & Mrs. Rogers August 2016
"Dear Jacie,
Our ceremony was perfect, our family and friends said it was moving and extremely thoughtful. We loved your personal touch, the way you care, listened to our needs and how at ease you made us feel.

We loved how you made special moments in the ceremony about my Father and we valued the way you included our children and personalised our vows to each other. You certainly create a beautiful, unique service and we recommend anyone getting married book you! We love you!"

Ben & Simonne A. August 2016
"Dear Jacie,
Our ceremony was the first thing our guests spoke about. They were in awe and though it was excellent!
We especially loved our personal vows and the way you made people realise how they actually feel about love ones and evoked emotion at the right time. We couldn't have pictured our wedding any better!"

Mr. & Mrs. Garland September 2016
"Thank you so much for making our wedding such a wonderful day! You are a very talented and beautiful person and you have an amazing ability to write and deliver ceremonies. Our friends and family thought our ceremony was brilliant and so personal. We thoroughly enjoyed everything that you put together for us!"
Mr. & Mrs. Relf
"Dear Jacie,
Our family and friends said the ceremony you wrote for us was fantastic and unique. They have never heard anything like it! Every part of our ceremony was memorable it's own way.
Thank you for the thoroughness of your approach and for integrating our personal stories and memories."

Mr. & Mrs. Hazlewood October 2016
"Dear Jacie,
We were confident that we were making the right decision in choosing you as our celebrant after seeing your YouTube video and meeting you. We thought you were professional, informative and creative and our family and friends said you were confident, funny, happy and lovely.
We loved the original handwritten ceremony that you wrote which was heartwarming, funny and emotional. It touched everyone's hearts."

Luke & Jess November 2016
"Dear Jacie,
After attending other weddings, we knew that choosing our celebrant was an important decision and investment and we honestly can't think of anything that needed improving with you. Your attention to detail and customisation was outstanding and well worth the money.
Family and friends mentioned you were fabulous and said they loved our ceremony.
You are truly passionate and it shows! Thank you."

Michael & Megan November 2016
"Dear Jacie,
From the start of our experience with you everything felt easy and under control. We enjoyed our entire ceremony and appreciated that it involved all the people we love the most. It certainly wasn't boring because everyone was raving on about it!

Our guests were paying attention the whole time because of your intriguing, personal, different and entertaining approach. You surpassed all our expectations and we look forward to you marrying many of our extensive family."

Tash & Alex November 2016
"Dear Jacie,
We didn't really know what we wanted with regards to our ceremony however you smashed it out of the ballpark- everyone commented that it was the best wedding ceremony they had been to. You were so professional and easy to work with! Thanks again Jacie."

Lauren & Mark 2016
"Having previously involved in one of your ceremonies, we loved the way that you craft each ceremony in a way that includes the bride and groom and also the bridal party and parents. We also liked the unique touches you add in and the way you are able to keep the audience engaged and give them a glimpse into our relationship. We have had such positive feedback about our ceremony from family and friends who have said that they have never seen a ceremony performed this way before. Everyone that we have spoken to, keeps saying how it was such an emotional yet at the same time, entertaining ceremony and we've had people who don't usually cry during weddings or at all for that matter, say how they didn't stop crying throughout this one! One guest had to use the bottom of her dress to wipe the tears as she didn't come prepared to cry! They also commented on your professionalism and the clear way in which you presented the ceremony. We would say that you take a vastly different approach to crafting a ceremony and that the one of a kind service you get is certainly one that will exceed people's expectations."
Shelley & David 5.11.2016
"Thank you for giving us an amazing wedding, it was perfect for us and our guests said that it was the most unique, funny, best wedding that they’ve ever been to. Your friendly, approachable personality and personal and unique approach to ceremonies made us enjoy everything.
Our advice is to go with Jacie!"

Trent & Erin 26.3.2016
"Dear Jacie, From the first time we met you, we both genuinely liked you and we were excited to work with you. We absolutely loved how inclusive you made our ceremony, it was about us and all of our guests and just the way we wanted it to be!
We really loved all the personal touches and that we weren't just another couple you were marrying. Everything you wrote was so special and it made our day incredible -you absolutely nailed it! All of our family and friends said you are the best celebrant they had witnessed. You are extremely professional, the real deal and a pleasure to work with-your love for what you do shows in the ceremonies you create. What Jacie does is really an art.
We can't thank her enough for the hilarious, honest, emotional and unforgettable ceremony she created for us. She really is a unique talent and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
Gav & Jen August 2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"If you want a ceremony that is more personalised and want someone that will enable you to provide your own input and touch, then we recommend Jacie. Jacie is professional, friendly and thorough and made us feel comfortable about creating the ceremony we wanted. She tailored our ceremony to our reserved style and was understanding of our wants, making us feel "less awkward". Our guests said Jacie was excellent and they were impressed with her efficiency and professionalism."
Mr & Mrs Smith August 2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie was amazing! All her effort showed in the ceremony and how it was written and delivered. We loved the comedy, our vows and our guests said it was the best ceremony that they've been to. Jacie sure knows what she's doing! We felt like we had known Jacie for a lifetime and she gave us a day we will never forget!"
The Stauffer Family August 2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie became a friend because she is completely involved and dedicated to making the most perfect day. Jacie gave us a completely unique, utterly romantic ceremony. Jacie wants to create something that is all about the couple using creative and beautiful language. She is incredibly professional, covers all bases and was quick to process everything. There is a lot of homework for you and your friends however it is totally needed and so worth it so do your homework and tell your friends about their homework. Everyone said it was the best wedding that they had ever been to!"
Kylie and Juz 11/6/16
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Your amazing personality when we met and your suggestions regarding how to put together our ceremony made us choose you over all others. The contacts you gave us for photographer, catering and DJ took all the guess work out. The ceremony was perfect for us and truly represented our personalities. You can trust Jacie to provide an amazing experience and she is so easy to work with. We will cherish those moments forever!"
Ryan and Lisa 30/4/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie’s friendly smile, warm nature and holistic approach made us feel very calm, comfortable, stress free and confident. Jacie’s attention to detail and the care that she put in to make our ceremony perfect celebrated interactively our unique love story. We had a perfect day and it went very smoothly."
Jamil and Louise 9/4/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"We chose Jacie because she had a relatable personality, experience, knowledge and she offered great value for money. It felt as though Jacie was an old friend and that Jacie was there from the start to the end of our formalities. She knows what works and what doesn’t and she really committed to getting to know us and suggest fun ways to capture us, our friends and family perfectly. We couldn’t be happier!"
Kye and Ash 9/4/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Thank you for giving us an amazing wedding, it was perfect for us and our guests said that it was the most unique, funny, best wedding that they’ve ever been to. Your friendly, approachable personality and personal and unique approach to ceremonies made us enjoy everything. Our advice is to go with Jacie!"
Trent and Erin 26/3/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"We loved how inviting and laid back Jacie was and she made us feel excited, comfortable and at ease about getting married. She went above and beyond to make our day special and fun and our guests said they had never been to such an amazing ceremony. They loved how different it was. Jacie made our ceremony so personal and involved our friends and family-she is awesome! People would be stupid not to have Jacie as their celebrant!"
Pete and Elle 5/3/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie is the best celebrant, she was worth every penny! We are still getting great feedback from our guests saying that our ceremony was sensational, fabulous and that Jacie did a fantastic job. Jacie sets herself apart from others by how she articulates her words and puts together the content gained from her questionnaires. She described us perfectly and we felt confident that Jacie had everything under control from the start."
Duncan and Sharde 27/2/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie produces a very high calibre of work and has the ability to take what we think and feel and articulate it with her beautiful words. Couples using Jacie’s services need to have faith that she will deliver great work and so must trust her entirely-she is worth every cent for the personalised service. We felt Jacie was able to tailor our ceremony including our friends and family mixing it with the perfect amount of humour and sincerity. Our guests really enjoyed our ceremony, they thought it was fun and truly represented us."
Jon and Aimee 26/2/2016
Celebrant Hunter Valley
"Jacie Whitfield was not just our celebrant and she was our awesome celebrant!! Our ceremony was so personal. ALL our guests were hanging on her every word. Laughing, crying you name it. Our guests are still talking about how amazing our ceremony was, and it's usually the reception the guests talk about. Jacie was worth every penny and made all our friends and family a huge part of our day. She put so much time into our ceremony, it was so nice having Jacie getting to know not just My husband and I but our family and friends as well. We couldn't have asked for anything else! Having our ceremony as special as it was, was the perfect start to our perfect day and future life as husband and wife. You'd be crazy to have anyone else!!"
Jodie M 2015 - Score: 5/5
"Hi Jacie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the incredible ceremony you crafted for Travis and Genevieve yesterday. It was so special. Never before have I been to a wedding so personal and intimate. We all really appreciated the time you took to get to know our families and the couple, and to share that so tastefully with their guests. You blended the perfect mix of heartfelt moments and cheerful humour (I thought I did well to only let one tear fall!). I had so much positive feedback from our guests - it was such a unique ceremony and everyone loved it!"
Danielle M (Bridesmaid) 2015
"I just want to quickly thank you again for everything. It was such a crazy wedding day with the weather and certainly challenged my resolve but with everyones help, especially yours, it was perfect in our eyes. We've completed your evaluation form and I'll pop it in the post today for you. Fair to say we love you, it was amazing, the ceremony was everything you promised it would be and more x

We choose you as our celebrant because of your uniquely customised approach and attention to detail. We felt so confident, comfortable and excited with you planning our ceremony. The way you included our family and friends into the ceremony gave everyone an insight into our relationship and we loved the way you balanced humour with all the emotion - it was a brilliant mix.

I think you have heard this before… we were told, that was the most beautiful, personal and entertaining ceremony - does Jacie know your family or is she a friend? Every time I cried, I laughed and then cried again. It was awesome!

You deliver exactly what you promise and then you take it 10 steps further and smash it out of the park!"
Lesley and Mark H. 2015
"Jacie you are amazing, our ceremony was perfect. Everyone raved about it and we were even told "those were the best vows we have ever heard!" Terry & Rochelle R. 2015

"Hello again, we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Terry and Rochelle’s wedding last Saturday. Everything was just perfect for them and we felt your part in the ceremony and also at the reception was very relaxed and very special. Your style and sense of humour added to the day."
Regards Bernice and Bob (The Newlyweds' Grandparents and married 50+ years)
"Thank you so much for your amazing part in the day. We couldn't be happier. Plenty of people came up to us at the reception and commented on what a lovely ceremony it was. Your professionalism and tailored approach was just great. Thank you for being so good at what you do. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone and everyone." Mitch and Angela. 2015

What part/s of your ceremony did you enjoy the most?
The lead up and the vows....
Setting the scene of our relationship; the story communicated, which painted a picture of our love and the love we have for our families.

What would you say to others about me and the celebrant services I provided?
Highly recommended. Professional. Tailored. Subtle. Reassuring.

What did your family and friends say about your ceremony and my presentation of your ceremony?
Numerous people commented that our vows and the words said made them rethink their wedding and how they could have done more with theirs. Those asked to contribute were happy when their words were incorporated; they felt more a 'part' of the ceremony.
"Our family and friends said our ceremony was one of a kind, hilarious and the best they had ever been to! Jacie has a real way with words, truly magical and a lovely smile and beautifully calming voice. Her passion really shines through."Kathryn & Adrian I. 2015
"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job Jacie, our guests loved the funny and emotional parts of the ceremony about each of us-they got to know what we are really like. We will be recommending you to everyone!" Matt & Natasha H. 2014
"We can’t thank you enough Jacie! You are amazing! We love how you pieced our puzzle together and made our ceremony perfect. Our guests said that they have never been to a wedding like ours ever-they particularly enjoyed the quirky jokes that related to us perfectly. 10/10" Taryn & Reid M. 2014
"Thank you for all the work you put into our personalised ceremony, we love that you got information from all our family and friends and included them in our ceremony. It made everyone feel a part of our love bubble. We personally loved all the Disney one liners and found you to be down to earth, relatable, easy going, respectful, understanding and loving. You are excellent!" Amy & Jamey N. 2014
"Hi Jacie! Nat and I just want to say a Huuuge thank you for the wonderful ceremony you put together on Saturday for us. You made us laugh, cry, and feel amazing right throughout the ceremony. We had so many comments from our guests about how wonderful both you and the ceremony were, with a lot saying that it was like a story they had to keep listening to! You really made a special day even more special for us and
we will be forever grateful. You are amazing and we wish you all the best and hope we cross paths again at some stage!"
Matt & Nat W. May 2014
"Hi Jacie, we are at the airport heading to Europe but just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our ceremony just beautiful. We loved every moment of your reading of our vows and we were truly blessed to have you there. It really was better than we could have hoped for!! Dom and I thank u from the bottom of our hearts :)). The guests commented on how relaxed you made the whole ceremony and that is exactly what we hoped!!! Xoxoxo" Dom & Tamara M. May 2014
"Morning Jacie, We have recovered well from the most amazing day of our lives! Thank-you again so much for the most amazing and memorable ceremony, all our guests really loved it and said how much more sense everything was when the ceremony was over thanks to you. A lot of people said you made them feel a real sense of place and could feel the whole day unfold as every area on our property felt like it had so much more meaning. As the evening went on so many of the guests also felt like they really got to know the bridal party and their importance to our individual relationships which was so nice. I honestly could not have asked for a more perfect day and that all began with you. Thankyou so much for all your effort it was truly unique and I can happily say there will never be another ceremony like it again as you truly made it completely ours." Brad & Jennah H. 2014
"Dear Jacie,
Please accept my heart-felt thank you for the most fantastic wedding service I have ever experienced I was very sorry I didn't get to thank you in person."
Ken W. (Father of the groom)
"Hi Jacie, I just wanted to congratulate you on the amazingly meaningful and personal ceremony you have crafted us. When you said you would be writing a personalised ceremony, I had no idea what to expect, and certainly did not realise you would craft such a wonderful story which is truly reflective of our relationship and love. You have exceeded all our expectations with the ceremony. You are truly amazing. The ceremony is perfect. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am sooooo excited."
Mel V. 2013 (On receiving the first draft of their wedding ceremony).
" Jacie you did so much for us and went above and beyond what we expected. The ceremony you crafted was truly magical and even to date we continue to get such positive feedback from our guests. Many guests said that they have never experienced a ceremony of this kind and didn’t realise that a wedding ceremony could be personalised to this extent. In all honestly, Gab and I weren’t sure what to expect from the whole idea of a "personalised ceremony" and what you delivered completely thrilled us beyond words. Gab and I were blown away by the level of consideration and detail you weaved into the ceremony, making it all about us right from the start. The ceremony was so engaging and cleverly accentuated with giggles and tears from our guests. Your ceremony really captured the very soul and spirit of our relationship and told our story in such a captivating way. I really feel that almost all our guests walked away from that ceremony having learnt something about us as a couple, which gave the rest
of the night a strong sense of unity and support. You are truly a modern day Shakespeare and you have found your calling."

Mel & Gab M. 2013

"Our wedding was perfect, Jacie delivered a ceremony beyond my expectations and suggested a beautiful tree planting ceremony to honour our family in spirit and celebrate the life we are embarking on. Jacie was
so helpful, honest and has an arsenal of beautiful ideas."
Kerry & Aaron F. 2012
"Jacie was extremely thorough and caring. She got to know us both and catered our vows and wedding to meet our needs and differences. She paid attention to every detail of our wedding and performed our ceremony in such a professional, engaging and caring manner. Jacie made our wedding special and unique to us. I would highly recommend Jacie for any wedding ceremony." Jeanette & John H. 2012
"The most magical and important part of a wedding day is during the marriage ceremony when a man and a woman become husband and wife. A Bride and Groom can spend months and thousands of dollars planning their perfect wedding day. Or they may just want a simple ceremony surrounded by a handful of family and close friends.

However if a marriage ceremony is poorly written, coupled with an ineffective delivery, there is little doubt their wedding ceremony will be utterly forgettable! Jacie is a marriage celebrant with superb writing skills. She takes the time to identify the personalities and characters of each couple, as well as the essence of their relationship and goals, and then uses her creative flair to compose a ceremony which is both meaningful and memorable.

Another of Jacie’s gifts is her ability to deliver each ceremony in a sincere and meaningful way, and this is why after every ceremony she conducts, families and guests tell Jacie “that was the best wedding ceremony I’ve ever heard”.

There are many marriage celebrants, but not all have Jacie's essential skills."
Carol Marcroft, Writer and Trainer of Marriage Celebrants
Mooloolaba, Queensland

"Hi Jacie, we met briefly before my daughter Alison’s wedding and then you officiated at her and Richard’s wedding in the Kangaroo Valley. The purpose of this mail is to say that we were all very impressed by the way you conducted this service and if you ever come across couples with a South African background who would like references you are very welcome to put them in touch with me."
Alta from South Africa

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