Bryte and Freya

Although they were set up by mutual friends, Bryte and Freya quickly found they were opposites who didn’t magnetically attract because they initially never had any hobbies or interests that overlapped.

However, through circumstance, choice and experiences, they soon learned that the underlying reason they match so effortlessly, boils down to their values for compassion towards humanity, a natural enthusiasm and optimism for life and the attractiveness of using humour and good grammar always.

Over the span of six years, Bryte and Freya grew together and were expanded by one another’s differences.

They developed some common hobbies and became sympathetic to each other’s interests, knowing at the end of the day, what’s coming will come and they’ll meet it when it does, united.

Bryte and Freya vowed to be good partners who see the other through, like the two antelopes who walk together to blow dust off eyes and watch over one another as they eat.

Their wedding was a fusion of their African and Australian heritage and their reception was showered with heartfelt, thoughtful touches including handwritten eucalyptus leaf place cards, favours of brown paper wrapped, divinely smelling natural African black soap, centrepieces of locally foraged flowers and a vivid contrast of colours which gave the room an exciting, rich and warm culturally inclusive feel.

Here’s what Bryte and Freya had to say about their bespoke ceremony.

“Jacie, you were absolutely fantastic, and we could not recommend you higher. You are professional, personable, an eloquent speaker and made us feel well assured.

You delivered a fantastically, engaging ceremony that our family and friends said was the best ceremony they had ever seen.

You individualised our ceremony which meant the entire ceremony was relevant, meaningful, personal, funny and engaging.

Hiring you was well worth the price, especially considering the effort you went to, to write the ceremony and collect responses so that our family and friends were included.

Thank you so much for all the work that you have done to make our ceremony as perfect as it was. We loved it so much and we are so grateful to have had you as our celebrant.”

Celebrant: Jacie Whitfield from

Images: Florent Vidal Photography
Venue: Saltwater Restaurant, Fingal Bay
Hair: Lilyorah Hair
Make up: Lisa Single