WTF is Bespoke?

Bespoke, as I understand it, means to speak for something which in my case is love and to create particularly with someone at the forefront of my mind.

It means as an artist, I exclusively forge, an experience, product and service that is unrepeatable by another because my heart, soul, passion, intuition and edifying sentiments are embedded within the work making each ceremony a true and lingering keepsake.

When you chose husband or wife, your person, the partner who you make your one, the co-author of your future story and the architect to build your life with, you do so diligently.

They share your values, there’s obvious compatibility, chemistry and a willingness to reciprocally listen and respond to expressed needs and desires.

I think choosing your celebrant should be undertaken using a similar approach and criteria.

I believe this because they are “the one” entrusted to share how you intend to keep threading, keep growing, keep becoming the couple and family you envisage.

Marrying two people is a reverent responsibility and as a celebrant who takes the time to get to know you as individuals and as a couple, it will be immediately obvious I’m not meeting with you to “sell you a ceremony”. I’m there to offer you the opportunity to share in the innate ability I have to genuinely learn and honour who you uniquely are and identify and celebrate what makes you tick as a couple, so I can capably craft a ceremony exquisitely and exclusively for you.

If you want to meet a truly adept hitcher whose only gimmick is pure love, then please get in touch.

I promise I’ll be shiny eyed because I balance work, rest and play. I’ll be at my creative and innovative best because I’m constantly challenging myself to be and do better and that I’ll still be in business when your 2020 and beyond date rolls around because I charge enough to sustain it and reward my exceptional efforts and unwavering passion, making me one of the most soul sated, bespoke human beings you’ll ever meet!