The rose petal path to marital bliss is created by an extraordinary ceremony that is exquisitely crafted and delivered to honour your individual personalities, your relationship and the future you are eking out as husband and wife. Your ceremony proposes your intentions and declares how you will deepen the bonds of marriage and live as a committed couple. Your vows may include traditional pledges of fidelity to more contemporary promises to take out the rubbish or give long back rubs!

All ceremonies are individually written and created uniquely for you. The stories, rituals and symbols of your wedding ceremony are designed to celebrate and honour the journey that you have embarked upon to get to this; your wedding day. Your ceremony marks the official celebration of your love and bestows the blessings of your friends and family upon you in a way unlike any other time in your life.

The couples I’ve married love my personal, spirited, professional, innovative, encouraging and animated, confident style.
My processes ensure that your ceremony flows well, engages you and your guests and emphasizes the uniqueness of the bond you have together. My attention, care and creativity goes into each and every couple I serve and I strive to give you a wedding unlike any other!

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