Jay and Ali

I recently read an article that said “rituals are like the wires of a tent – providing stable points that ground us so the rest of the tent can reach to the sky”. This is the essence that I start with when crafting a marriage ceremony, and my goal is to bridge the inner world of my couples to their outer circles of influence, importance and support, through the retelling of memories, the gathering of poignant stories and the advices, lessons & inklings learned so, on the shoulders of their friends and families, they too can reach the sky, their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations.

That’s why you feel different after attending or being involved in one of my ceremonies.

They ground you, uplift you, remind you of your roots, your becoming story and give you a palpable way to reconnect with that soul place, the promises made and the people witnessing and undertaking that journey with you.

Writing this type of ceremony is an art form, and much like painting it requires extremely specific and timely brushstrokes, an eye on and vision of the overall picture and the understanding that many angles and perspectives are needed for true audience awe, transformation and appreciation.

It’s attended to with deliberate consideration and ingrained purpose. It’s a mosaic of all that came before and all that’s yet to arrive and it’s exclusively yours.

When I look back at a couple’s ceremony photos I can see the transition points, the awakenings, the intentions formulating, the gratitude given and received and it’s fucking magical!

That’s why I succinctly do, what I uniquely do, in the laborious and intentional way I do it!

Building human guide wires to celebrate, console, comfort and catapult isn’t easy however it’s the most rewarding gift I have to share and I feel so thankful to share it with you x

❤️ Jay & Ali ceremony captures by @stories.with.mel